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Travel Guide To Shiraz

  • Iran
  • Shiraz
  • 224 km²
  • 11°C, Wind
  • Mon 12:19 am
  • Rial
  • Persian
  • 1.461 million
  • Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature and flowers. It is also considered by many Iranians to be the city of gardens, due to the many gardens and fruit trees that can be seen in the city. It is where you can base your visit to Persepolis, the capital of the ancient Persian Empire founded by Darius the Great in the 6th Century BCE.Visited December 2016

    Chanindh Bangkok, Thailand
  • I love it... There are 64 gardens in this city which you can visit them in all seasons (we visited shiraz on December and the gardens were green)... if you don't have enough time choose "bagh-e-Eram" & "Narenjestan-e-Qavam" Don't forget to visit the tombs of Saadi & Hafiz... they are open even at night and are so nice in day or night... walk lonely in there for a while and receive positive energy of environment. Visited December 2016.

    S A, Tehran
  • we loved shiraz very much. It was the best hotel, the best bazaar and the best food on our trip. I just can recommend to spend few days here.Visited August 2016.

    Ringhoferk, Budapest, Hungary

General Information About Shiraz

Shiraz city of love, roses, poetry, wine & gardens

It is situated in the south-east of Iran and is the center of Fars Province, with a population of about 2 500 000. Weather: mild in spring and hot in the summer. The autumns in Shiraz are not too cold; however, the winters tend to be quite cold. Shiraz is a city of two great Persian poets Hafez and Saadi, Shiraz has become as the heartland of Persian culture for more than 2000 years that many cultural celebrations have been held there. It was one of the most important cities in the medieval Islamic world and was the Iranian capital during the Zand dynasty (AD 1747–79) when many of its most beautiful buildings were built or restored. Near the big and amazing monuments of Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550-330 B.C) ( perspolice ). It has many old, fantastic ,beautiful buildings which are gapeseed for all like : Persepolis / Vakil Bazaar / Hafez Tomb / Jameh-ye Atigh Mosque / Vakil Mosque/ Naranjestan Garden / Eram Garden / Saadi Tomb / Arg-e- Karimkhan /…….

Public Transportation in Shiraz

  • Taxi

    Taxis are widely available in Shiraz, you can hail in private taxi or shuttle taxi
  • Bus

  • Sub way planne of shiraz

Shiraz Culture and History



Shiraz is known as the city of poets, gardens, wine, nightingales and flowers. The crafts of Shiraz consist of inlaid mosaic work of triangular design; silver-ware; carpet-weaving, and the making of the rugs called gilim (Shiraz Kilim) and "jajim" in the villages and among the tribes. The garden is an important part of Iranian culture. There are many old gardens in Shiraz such as the Eram garden and the Afifabad garden. According to some people, Shiraz "disputes with Xeres [or Jerez] in Spain the honor of being the birthplace of sherry." Shiraz is proud of being motherland of Hafiz Shirazi, Shiraz is a center for Iranian culture and has produced a number of famous poets. Saadi, a 12th and 13th-century poet was born in Shiraz. He left his native town at a young age for Baghdad to study Arabic literature and Islamic sciences at Al-Nizamiyya of Baghdad. When he reappeared in his native Shiraz he was an elderly man. Shiraz, under Atabak Abubakr Sa'd ibn Zangy (1231–1260) was enjoying an era of relative tranquility. Saadi was not only welcomed to the city but he was highly respected by the ruler and enumerated among the greats of the province. He seems to have spent the rest of his life in Shiraz. Hafiz, another famous poet, and the mystic were also born in Shiraz. A number of scientists also originate from Shiraz. Qutb al-Din al-Shirazi, a 13th-century astronomer, mathematician, physician, physicist, and scientist was from Shiraz. In his The Limit of Accomplishment concerning Knowledge of the Heavens, he also discussed the possibility of heliocentrism.


Shiraz is most likely more than 4,000 years old. The name Shiraz is mentioned in cuneiform inscriptions from around 2000 BC found in the southwestern corner of the city. According to some Iranian mythological traditions, it was originally erected by Tahmuras Diveband, and afterward fell to ruin. The oldest sample of wine in the world, dating to approximately 7,000 years ago, was discovered on clay jars recovered outside of Shiraz (according to the referenced article, this discovery was made in Hajji Firuz Tepe, a Neolithic village in Iran's northern Zagros Mountains, more than a thousand kilometers north of Shiraz). In the Achaemenian era, Shiraz was on the way from Susa to Persepolis and Pasargadae. In Ferdowsi's Shāhnāma it has been said that Artabanus V, the Parthian Emperor of Iran, expanded his control over Shiraz. Ghasre Abu-Nasr (meaning "the palace of AbuNasr") which is originally from Parthian era is situated in this area. During the Sassanid era, Shiraz was in between the way which was connecting Bishapur and Gur to Istakhr. Shiraz was an important regional center under the Sassanians.

Popular Cafe and Restaurant in Shiraz

  • Haft Kahn Restaurant Complex

    Quran Blvd, Shiraz 71364, Iran. Tel: +98 71 3228 0000
  • Shandiz Mashhad Restaurant

    Quran Blvd, Shiraz 71364, Iran. Tel: +98 71 3227 4947
  • Baghe Raaz

    Ghasrdasht, Shahed Blvd, Shiraz 71364, Iran. Tel: +98 71 3623 4000
  • Niayesh Health Restaurant

    Niayesh Blv, Chamran Blv, Shiraz 71364, Iran. Tel:+98 71 3636 2047
  • Sharzeh Restaurant

    NVakil, Mosque, Shiraz 71364, Iran. Tel:+98 911 717 8842
  • Cafe Ferdowsi

    Ferdowsi Street, Shiraz 71364, Iran. Tel: +98 71 3231 6616
  • Qavam Cafe & Restaurant

    Zand Cross Road/Roudaki Street/Near Ferdowsi Street, Shiraz 71364, Iran. Tel: +98 71 3235 9271
  • Mahooni cafe

    Hafez street. in front of Jahannama garden entrance, Shiraz, Iran. +98 71 3227 8585
  • Abizh Cafe

    Ayatollah Rabbani - alley#7, Shiraz 71364, Iran. Tel:+98 71 3227 2849

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