Qeshm Island | Iranian Cities

Qeshm Island is the largest island in Iran and is one of the most well-known islands in our country located in Hormozgan province. The island has a beautiful nature and its history dates back to the Sassanid era. For a long time, this southern island has become a tourist destination for many Iranian and foreign tourists. The island is famous for its natural diversity and geological importance.


Local Dress
Usually, all Iranian cities have their own way of dressing and particular clothes design. Iran is one of the countries with many ethnic groups due to ethnic diversity and each one identifies a specific dress and culture. It is a design and color that makes Hormozgan women’s clothes beautiful. In Hormozgan women’s clothing, there are some accessories that have a practical aspect besides the decorative aspect. This accessory called Burqa and use to avoid face sunburn.



Valley of stars
The valley of stars is a picturesque and very beautiful natural occurrence in Qeshm. Local people believe that this valley configuration is formed due to falling stars on the ground. Therefore, the natives call this area a starred downfall. They have stories about the presence of ghosts and wandering spirits throughout the night in the Star Valley.




Chahkooh Canyon
The eastern part of Qeshm Island hosts an amazing valley known as the Chahkooh Valley. All natural elements have come together to form this phenomenon over the years. A valley at a depth of 100 meters will represent you a new world. This Canyon has rocks and statues that are naturally formed on the basis of the time transition.
Literally, Chahkooh means pit of the mountain. In the wall of the valley, there are several holes and pits, so this might be one of the reasons of naming this valley Chahkooh. The other more probable reason is existence of four wells in this area.


Qeshm Turtle Beach
Qeshm sand beach is one of the beautiful beaches in all season among Iran tourism attractions, but spring is recommended to visit this beach. On April and May many turtles come to the beach to spawn. It is cool to know that most of the turtles that pip in this beach; will return after several years for their own spawn.



Salt Cave of Qeshm
Largest Salt Cave in the world is located in Qeshm. The length of this cave is 6km. You are able to walking inside the cave till the first 100m. Salt of this cave has high quality and edible, so you can even taste it. This cave is one of the Qeshm must see and make your journey an adventure.





Hara Forestgheshm-forest-hara
Hara tree which is the most mangrove forest vegetation in this area is a brush that absorbed and purified seawater and consumed its required material from seawater then exorcised the rest. The roots of the trees of the mangrove forests are in the water, through the movement of the tide out to sea, you will see the trees that have come out of the water. You can visit this beautiful natural phenomenon in Tange Khoran area.