Neyshabur Tourism Attractions

Neyshabur is en-route toward the holy shrine of Mashhad. The city of Neyshabur is the second largest city in the Khorasan Razavi province.


Among Iran tourism attractions, one thing that comes to mind when somebody hears the name of Neyshabur is turquoise. Neyshabur turquoise has world reputation and this stone is one of the most famous souvenirs of Neyshabur.

According to Iran History, Shahpour the king of Iran first built Bishapour city near Kazeroun in Fars Province which means the best of Shahpour. Afterward, King Shahpour built Neyshabur which means the New City of Shahpour.

Here are some tourism attractions of Neyshabur which can show you a different vision of this city during your Iran tour.


Wooden Hamlet (Wooden Mosque)
This beautiful and attractive mosque is the first wooden earthquake resistant mosque in the entire world. Here is the place where accompanied by the maker precisions and eye-catching constructive along with its components. All these make this attraction to one of the most unique Iran tourism attractions.




Garineh Waterfall
The village is located 40 km northeast of Neyshabur.  Through your journey to Garineh village, widespread nature of beautiful green valleys and pleasant rivers with many springs and splits will draw your attention.

Buzhan Village
This is Buzhan; a village that is considered to be the tourism pearl of Neyshabur. The beautiful waterfalls and plateaus covered by fruit gardens create a dreamy landscape for tourists who travel to Iran. Binaloud Mountains with a variety of medicinal flowers can bring a good boom for tourism in Iran. The texture is steppe village and it is inspired by traditional architecture.






The tomb of Kamal-ol-Molk
Mohammad Ghafari is one of the Iranian famous and prominent painters in the 1800s. During his activity for Naser-al-Din Shah, Mohammad Ghafari painted around 170 paintings, the most famous of which was “Mirror Hall” painting.  Naser-al-Din Shah nicknamed him “Kamal-ol-Molk.”


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