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The unique, simple tomb of “CYRUS” the great humanitarian king in the world (529 BC ) stands out in a large savanna which is named ( Morghab Dasht ).Cyrus the Great who helped shape Asian history stands lonely in his simple squared shape tomb in an area which now looks quite desolate but in its day was possibly one of the largest palace complexes in the world.
By Checking out the history we see the bible noted him as the great king and his humane kingdom several times. Pasargadae is located in the heart of the Achaemenid Empire, in the 6th century BC. Set apart from the other ruins is the limestone mausoleum of Cyrus, which had been looted by the time Alexander the Great paid it a visit in 324 BC. Pasargadae has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, and though little remains of the ancient city, its diverse architectural styles show that the empire respected the diversity of its subjects.