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Jahan Nama Garden

Jahan Nama Garden is situated in northeastern of Shiraz near the tomb of Hafez the great Iranian poet. It is one of the oldest gardens of Shiraz (Al Mozafar, Al Inju). This large walled garden has been existed since at least the 13th century AD. Then the monarch, “Teymur Gourkani”, he paid special attention to this garden. Since much of the present design may be of the 18th century, so it was also important during the rule of Safavid Dynasty. Karim Khan-e Zand in 1771 AD ordered to renovate This Garden. Then a new a two-story building added to it. The garden has been renovated in recent years by Shiraz Municipality.
Inside the garden, there is an octagonal manor like the Kolah Farangi edifice of Bagh-e Nazar (Nazar Garden). The painted ornaments inside the manor are very magnificent and valuable. There are four alcoves with two-story rooms in every four corner of it. Inside the manor, there is an octagonal pool built from integrated marble with a stone fountain inside it.