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Eram Garden

Eram Garden is a historic and botanical Persian garden in Shiraz, Iran. It is located on the northern shore of the Dry River (the river made by rain and snow) with an area of three hectares in the Fars province.
in This garden (Bagh-e Eram) there are several historical buildings with a variety of plants as well as a historic mansion is amazing for every visitor.
its history goes back to the period of the “Saljuq and AL Inju Dynasty” (A.D.1038-1194). Since its construction and until the late 18th century, it was predominantly used by the local rulers and Persian monarchs.
During the late Zand Dynasty, Mohammad Qoli Khan the Qashqai tribal chief, owned and ordered the construction of the original mansion in the early eighteenth century, planting the garden with different trees including cypress, pine, orange and persimmon trees. During the reign of “Nasser ed-din Shah” the king of the Qajar Dynasty, Mirza Hassan Ali Khan Nasir-al Mulk bought the gardens from the Qashqai tribes and by a famous Shirazian architect, Mohammad Hassan, designed and constructed the present pavilion.