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Arg of Karim Khan

Karimkhan’s citadel or Arg-e KarimKhan Iran tourism attractions

Karim khan’s citadel or Arg-e Karim Khan
4000 ms. / Squared 12800 / 4high walls 12m. (Thickness of 3m.) / 4brick circular towers 14m. /
Since Karim Khan Zand liked Shiraz he so much and he tried to make Shiraz, the capital of his dynasty to be constructed in the best way. Therefore, he ordered to build this burly fortress which dominates the city center. It was built as part of the royal court and rivaled flourished Esfahan. In fact, this building had been designed for both settlement and army purposes. During Zandiyeh era it had multi usage.
This huge building has high walls with ornamental brickwork feature and is punctuated by four attractive 14ms -high circular towers. The noticeable southeastern tower has a lean, having subsided into the underground cistern that served as the bathhouse of the citadel. Unfortunately, this wonderful architectural citadel during Qajar government was damaged to some extent. then in “Pahlavi “dynasty (till 1972), it was used as the prison, so it was called as “Karim khan prison” in public.