Iran Tourism Attractions | Tabriz City

Tabriz is one of the metropolises of Iran and the capital of the East Azerbaijan province; the largest city in the northwest and is the administrative, industrial, commercial, military, mercantile and cultural center of the country. Tabriz has a rich history of redevelopment through different Iran history decades. This city has been repeatedly destroyed by earthquakes but its people construct a beautiful city again.

The city of Tabriz is located in a province with many natural attractions such as the Kandovan village and the Arasbaran forests.

Tabriz is famous for its traditional and modern markets and their high-quality products; a historic city with many ancient monuments such as Blue Mosque. The Tabriz Indoor Market (Traditional Bazaar), which is the largest and longest indoor traditional market in the world and Iran tourism attractions, has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010.


Tabriz is land of premiers, handicrafts and precious souvenirs that among them the name of carpet and leather of Tabriz attract most passengers.
The first school for Deaf and must children has been inaugurated by Mr. Baghcheban in Tabriz. First Cinema and Public Library are established in Tabriz as well.
Tabriz University is the second Iran University after Tehran University.

The customs and traditions in the city of Tabriz are formed in Turkish and Azeri cultural context. But the vastness of this land has led some traditions to be changed to urban lifestyle. Some of these customs are different from what is happening in villages and nomads.
Here are different costumes which are held in Tabriz.

  • Shah Hussein Gouyan; A Muharram Ritual in Tabriz
  • Cooking Khashil with wheat and butter which is a symbol of fortune and blessing.
  • Sending some trays of fruit and sweets to house of couples who are recently married.
  • Chehel Yasin Blessed Water for Nowruz. (Yasin is one of Quran Verses. This Verse will be recited to a water forty times)


Economy and industry
Tabriz is one of the modern cities of Iran. Heavy manufacturing industries like machineries, tractors, petrochemicals and refineries, food industry, textile and clothing industries, carpets and leather form part of the dynamic economy of Tabriz.




Tabriz Carpet
Tabriz is tied to “hand-woven carpet”. The carpet weaving is a historical art of Tabriz city and East Azerbaijan province, generally. It’s dating back to very ancient centuries. Currently, more than 30% of the Iranian handmade carpet industry belongs to Tabriz.




Food and Souvenir
The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Tabrizi foods is Koofteh Tabrizi (kind of meatball). This is a delicious and tasty dish that its cooking needs a lot of skill. Beside Koofteh Tabrizi, Bonab Kebab and different potages are famous Tabriz foods as well. Lighvan Cheese is another delicious suggestion for foodie travelers.




Tabriz Madani International airport is a 65 years old airport. Travelers are able to apply and issue visa at Tabriz International airport on arrival.
Taxi, metro and BRT (bus) are available in the city.
Tabriz train station is one of the Iran active train station for intercity transportation. Daily departure and arrival have been done in this station. Daily train is available from Tabriz to Tehran, Mashhad, Karaj, Jolfa, and Qazvin and in reverse as well.