Iran Attractions | Fin Garden

Fin Garden fulfills your wishes. Accompany us to know more about this magical UNESCO Garden.
Certainly, one of the most beautiful and the loveliest places in Kashan is Fine Garden which can be called as a perfect example of Iranian gardens. This place has been historically very important and worthwhile.

Two important and historical baths through Iran Tourism Attractions are located in Kashan. Both of them are stands at the southern part of Fin Garden, known as the Great Bath (Royal Bath) and the Small Bath (Serving Bath).

There are 7 tiles in the small Bathroom dating back to 500 years.

The small bathroom was built during the Safavid dynasty and has more ancient history than large bathroom.  The murder of Amir Kabir, one of the most bitter and most important historical and political events in ancient Iran history, took place in Small bathroom.


What is most visible feature in this garden is the presence of water and the tree as dynamic elements, which have created an interesting space alongside the buildings. Water and trees are fixed architectural elements in Persian gardens. Maintaining the symmetry was important in the early design of Fin Garden, but gradually and with the intervention of the kings, its affection was reduced.

Water is the most basic element in the Finn Garden, which is seen in the following ways:

  • Stagnant, in the pool opposite side of the palace
  • Fluent, in the channels
  • Fountain (Eruptive), in the fountains across the garden
  • Bubbling, the emergence of water from the regular holes from pool floor (called Howz in Persia)

Each of these forms of water has a specific concept.

Bubbling Howz: There are 160 holes in Bubbling Howz, 80 of them are eruptive and another 80 holes are sucker. The uniformity and balance of water entry and exit are preventing water overflow from Howz. The presence of mercury in water caused the creation of seven-color light in the sunlight. The presence of mercury in water caused the creation of seven-color light when the sunlight shines on water.

Fountain Howz: There are 12 Fountains in this Howz. There is no press or energy power from outside to make water flowing within these fountains. Only the law of the surface difference and the use of the natural earth gradient make this water flowing possible.

Throw a coin to Gelu Shotori Howz (literally means Camel Throat) and make a wish. If the coin is inserted into the hole, your wish will be fulfilled.


There are different palaces in Fin Garden what have been built during various kings and Dynasty such as Sardar Palace, Safavid Palace, Shah Neshin (king) Room and Qajar Palace.


Fin Garden is a masterpiece of Iranian architecture, due to its great importance and amazing design is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site with other 9 Persian Gardens as well.