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Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to inform you that Association of air transport and tourist agencies of Iran and Zandiyeh Gasht Travel agency (representation of AATTAI) is honored to introduce the International Ecotourism Exhibition which takes place in Tehran, Iran, from 2nd to 5th of SEP 2017.

The exhibition is a platform where you can get familiar with ecotourism activities in Iran.
The Event will commence with themes surrounding Nature; Water and Soil. The second day will be dedicated to human activities and Nature, this will follow on the third day with Ethnics & Ethical-Religious Music.”Equipment for the sake of Nature” will mark the end of the exhibition on the fourth day.

The four-day exhibition will bring together the industrial stakeholders, thought leaders, policymakers, business leaders, tour operators as well as top industrialists in the field of tourism & ecotourism.

AATTAI has the honor to invite all professionals among your members to participate in this event to optimize business opportunities.

for more information, please visit our website:
Email: or

The International Relations and Tourism Group of IETEX was founded in 1988 with the help of researchers and experts in this field with an objective of the development of the tourism industry and building activities including work on
projects such as studies of the National Tourism Plan, comparative studies on tourism with special interests, religious tourism, Hommame Velayat road projects,
urban tourism, studies of ecotourism in Qeshm and Kish, consultations on the programs of national plans in several provinces in the country, providing investment opportunities, branding and feasibility of ecotourism in Iran and so on and so forth. Furthermore, the institute designed, consulted and implemented numerously exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Australia, UAE,
Kazakhstan, Czech, London, Austria, Turkmenistan, Zagreb, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, Turkey and Germany and moreover is planning to hold
the activities of study and research on issues related to tourism including analysis of vision of the government in the field of tourism by the year 2025.

The study of the natural geography of Iran and also, the feasibility of each ecotourism the attraction for investment in our country indicates that ecotourism in Iran is a very unique and fruitful economic resource which has so far been untapped.
The exemplary geographical and seasonal diversity of Iran has provided very differently species of flora and fauna thus paving a way for the country to avail the benefit of being one of the few countries in the world with such a rich biodiversity. Apart from being home to the world›s largest lake in the north of the country, Iran also has a share in twelve hundred kilometers of the coastline in the Persian Gulf towards South. Other notable places are 50 Iranian lakes out of which about 18 are amongst the 59 known terrestrial biosphere reserves. Northwest dense forests of Mazandaran province are the last surviving forests in the world and hence are pretty ancient forests. Besides this, a wide spectrum of desert wilderness composing of factors such as winds, the amount of sand and the maximum temperature of air speaks volumes. Also, a variety of customs and a thousand-year-old nomadic lifestyle which is consistent with climatic conditions is another worthwhile factor illuminated in this article and at the same time forms an
important factor of ecotourism in Iran. As mentioned above, the benefits of having the most diversified climate mean that any investment in the field of ecotourism in Iran is fruitful considering the reliability of the resources. The potential of ecotourism in Iran is much greater as compared to other sectors because of the fact that it is not dependent on redundant factors for tourist attraction and as such there are no issues such as restrictions in cultural tourism market and lack of social context of recreational tourism. Noticeable points on ecotourism in Iran are as follows:
1. Geographical location;
2. Climate diversity;
3. Diversity of animal and plant (one of the first five countries in the world in terms
of natural and biological diversity);
4. High volume of roads and communication routes;
5. Variety of ethnic and tribal culture;
6. High potential to create institutions in the field of studies and ecological trips.

7 Reasons Why Iran Is an Excellent Medical Tourism Destination
Iran with highly qualified professionals and state-of-the-art healthcare technologies
has a high potential to be the pioneer in this industry. Iran is moving sidewise with Europe and western standards in medical research and health care services and Iranian Hospitals offers a wide range of high-quality treatments. Every year lots of people from around the world come to Iran for medical treatment.In following, has mentioned 7 reasons why Iran is an excellent destination for medical tourism:
1. Historical Reputation in Medical Services
2. Highly Qualified Health Professionals
3. Advanced Hospitals
4. Affordable Prices
5. No Waiting List
6. Alternative Medicine
7. Tourism Attractiveness
Iran offers a wide range of state-of-the-art treatment, through an extensive network of highly equipped hospitals, around 850 hospitals, and rehabilitation centers at reasonable costs. An analysis of the costs of the various procedures shows that treatment costs in Iran are much lower as compared to the developed countries. Iran is also very cost competitive as compared to its regional competitors. Today the turnover of medical tourism in the region is more than 3 billion U.S dollars and Iran plans to allocate a large part of it. The unique combination of experience, facilities and natural resources is the key to success of the Iranian health care system. Apart from these, Iran also enjoys a unique range of competent medical staff. Medical specialists and sub-specialists in the country are highly-qualified professionals and are supported by well-trained paramedics and sophisticated medical equipment. The nursing service in Iran is also highly qualified. Further, the Iranian health care system is constantly supported by extensive medical research. Iran has a unique combination of healthy and pleasant climate, wonderful scenery, magnificent historical and cultural monuments as well as cutting edge technology and sophisticated medical equipment.
Before the advent of medical tourism, as we know it today, Iran was known as a destination for treatment of Muslims, attracting thousands of visitors from Persian Gulf countries. Today, medical tourism in Iran is an emerging cluster aiming to provide world-class medical facilities by the public-private partnership.

1. Air equipment
2. Astronomy equipment
3. Bird watching equipment
4. Camera producing companies
5. Camping equipment
6. Caving equipment
7. Caravans
8. Car clubs, car racing, …
9. Desert equipment and off roads
10. Fishing equipment
11. Marine equipment
12. Mountain and ski equipment
13. River sports equipment (rafting, jumping, …)
14. Sport federations (sailing, horse racing, ski, …)
15. Tele cabin
16. Trains
17. Village tourism
18. Website, magazines and newspapers in the field of ecotourism
19. Known ski resort
20. Medical spa
21. Known ecotourism
22. Five-star resort hotel
24. Known ecotourism cities
25. Ecotourism tour operator
26. Big airlines
27. Luxury ships

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