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The 2nd Cconfobition (Conference and Exhibition) On Health Tourism

Following the approval of the ECO calendar of 2019 events, by the 29th meeting of the Regional Planning Council (in Tehran, Iran, 2018-December 17 -20) and the 11th ECO Tourism Committee (in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 2018-December 12), the 2nd international health tourism Confobition of ECO countries will be held in Ardebil, Iran, Mohaghegh Ardabili University (MAU).

After the successful completion of the ECO International Health Tourism Confobition in August 2015, we are back with the 2nd Edition 2019 as:

One of the most comprehensive international health tourism Confobition in the health tourism industry,

The Largest health tourism event of ECO countries,

No.1 meeting point for senior-level executives and top professionals specialists of ECO countries and Middle East region in the field of health tourism.

This event has 4 main sections, including:

B2G sessions with industry leaders and high-level officials in the ECO countries

B2B meetings

Health tourism exhibition

Workshop for Medical Tourism actors (CFMTA) program in partnership with the Iran International Healthcare Association (IHA).

Ardabil province is the land of Sabalan, with its gushing hot springs. The beautiful Ardabil province with its unique natural and historical attractions is one of the interesting regions for tourism in Iran. The most important feature of this province is its pleasant and cool weather of this region during spring and summer seasons. Ardabil province is at the northernmost point of Iran. As a part of the Azerbaijan region, this province makes up the eastern, northeastern and southeastern sides of it. Mugan plain, which is in this province, has fertile soil and special importance. On January 11, 1993, the bill to make Ardabil a province was passed in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. And on April 11, 1993, this province was separated from the Eastern Azerbaijan province and was made into an independent province. The border length of this province with the Republic of Azerbaijan is about 369 kilometers. Ardabil province, having a pleasant climate, many ancient and historical relics and tens of mineral hot springs are one of the top 10 tourism destinations in the country.

The relative density of population

According to the senses of the year 2016, the number of Ardabil province population was 1270420 people, 866034 of which equivalent to 68% were living in urban areas and 404236 people of the equivalent with 32% were living in Rural areas. During this period of time, the share of the province out of the whole population of the country has been 1.66 percent; and from this point of view, the province has allocated the rank twentieth to itself in the whole country.


The population density in Ardabil province equals 71 people per square kilometer. Counties of Ardabil and Parsabad with 219.7 and 119 people per square kilometer have allocated the greatest of the population number per square kilometer for themselves. County of Nir with 19 people per square kilometer is considered the city with the lowest density in provincial level.

– Weather Conditions

In total there are three types of weather in Ardabil province:

Half wet and cold climate areas of central, southern and western province areas of the province

Cold and wet weather that has gripped mountainous, western and southern areas of the province.

The dry and temperate climate of the northern part of the province.

Based on meteorological data lowland areas of Darreh Rood, Aras, Dashteh Moghan and the facades of

The slopes of Sabalan are the coldest areas of the province.


– Mineral Waters of Ardabil Province

Series of modern mineral waters such as Iranian Complex, Sabalan, Pehenlou, Gahvesooee and other mineral waters such as Gaavmish Goli, Sari Soo, eyewater, Gara Sou (water for nerves), General water, Shafa souee, and Beshbajilar.

Series of modern mineral water therapies such as Iranian Complex, Sabalan, Pehenlou, Ghahva Souee, and other hot or warm waters such as Gaav mish Goli, Sari Soo, eye water, Gara Sou (nerves water), Water General, Water Shafa, and Besh Bajilarl,

Series of mineral and hat waters of Meshkin Shahr: such as Gotour Sooee, Shaabil, Gainarjah, Ilanlou, Movil, Malek Souee and Agh Sou and Valeh Zir

Sardaabeh and Ghayieh Sooee

Borjlou hot and mineral water and Ghainarjah in Nir county

Mineral water of Beeleh Daregh in the slopes of Sabalan

Khalkhal and Kosar warm and mineral waters

The 2nd Confobition (Conference & Exhibition) On Health Tourism In Ardabil Province 18-20 June 2019