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Frquently Asked Questions

On the basis of I.R of Iran’ rules entrance or exportation of some goods are prohibited. As follows:
1.alcoholic drinks 2.gambling tools 3.weapons and explosives 4.narcotic drugs 5.magazines, photos, films and those goods against religious beliefs of the country. 6.any type of writing against the official region of the country.
Also carrying alcoholic drinks and narcotic drugs are prohibited.

You can enjoy lots of delicious and healthy local food and drinks. Except for alocoholic ones; you can find almost any beverages and juices in restaurants and supermarkets. Along with traditional Iranian food you can have many international and vegetarian food in restaurants. It is good to say that Iranian food is much similar to Mediterranean food and not as spicy as Indian food. Just to reassure you all food and drinks both packaged and sold in supermarkets and prepared in restaurants are completely sanitary and regularly controlled by authorizations.

You can use both in Iran but international mobile phones don’t work here and you can buy a local service which is not necessary if you’re with a guide. There is a WIFI system available in most of the hotels and some of them even have business centers.

220 volts AC, 50Hz, and Plugs are of the round two-pin type. it is recommended to take an 110-to-220 plug with you while traveling.

Yes, both men and women can rent a car to drive if they have international driving license. Many routes are highways, roads are asphalted with the separate lane to and from cities which regularly maintained. In fact, if you choose to travel overland you can enjoy landscapes and visit many en route attractions.

The formula to set your time is very simple: GMT + 3.5 (GMT + 4.5 from March 20 to September 21).

Yes, there are. You may find English local newspapers in the hotel lobby or you can buy from newsstands in the city.

Yes, if it is hard enough and both addresses of receiver and sender are written on it. Airmail to Europe as well as Canada and the United States can take around two weeks.

Yes, taxis and buses are available for in city transportation and buses trains and air crafts for transportation between cities.

Yes, it is necessary to keep it until departure.

Prices for the majority of goods which tourists are looking for like transportation, food, and souvenirs is relatively low.

Iranian work days start from Saturday to Thursday and Fridays are off. Some organizations and companies may be off on Thursdays or work only half day.

Yes, usually porters, servants, and janitors in hotels, porters in the airports, waiters or waitresses in restaurants, drivers giving services during tours as well as guides expect tipping.

1) from the beginning of March to the end of May
2) from the beginning of September to the end of November
If you like visiting Persian Gulf beaches it is best to come to Iran during January and February but if you are a skiing fan November and December might be good. There is an extraordinary climate variety all over Iran which gives you the chance to experience at least two different weathers during only one trip.