Persian Garden

Persian Gardens are indicated to the gardens which have a particular architecture style. Constituent elements such as geometric structure, water, trees and a palace that is placed at the center of the garden are demonstrative part of these gardens. Mainly, Persian gardens are located on the Iranian plateau and peripheral regions that are affected by […]

Abbas Abad Garden

Abbas Abad Garden Abbas Abad Historical Complex or Abbas Abad Garden is a beautiful space at the hillside of Alborz Mountains which is considered to be the most important Persian Garden in non-desert region and Iran tourism attraction. Abbas Abad garden or complex is located on a natural hill. The Safavid Engineers created the hill, […]

Chehel Sotoun Garden | Iran Tourism Attraction

Chehel Sotoun Garden Chehel Sotoun Gardens (literally means forty columns) is one of the spectacular and historical places in Isfahan Province and it is an example of a Royal Persian Garden which is built during the Safavid period. In addition to Chehel Sotoun Garden, it is also referred to as Chehel-Sotoun Palace or the Chehel […]

Saint Stepanos Monastery in Iran

Saint Stepanos Monastery in Iran Jolfa is located in East Azerbaijan, Iran. Jolfa is the land of waterfalls and churches, it is enough to put the nature together in an amazing passage and walk through mysterious alley to see the beautiful and unspoiled church with eyes, the Church of Saint Stepanos, Iran tourism attraction. The […]