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One of the most requested ways of traveling, especially for solo travelers, is how to manage trip budget perfectly. Here is some useful information for solo travelers to manage their budget.

Currency in Iran

Unfortunately due to political sanctions, Iran banking system is not connected to the world and western banking system. There are ATMs in street but it is not possible to use your credit or Master Card. There are several tourist cards that you are able to register and receive in a few minutes. The negative point is that Bank will change your dollar or Euro to IRR with lower rates than bazaar. It is suggested that you change your currency first and then register for a debit card from Mellat Bank, Pasargad Bank and Shahr Bank. Mah Card is available recently that make you able to arrange your credit card in advance.

Rial or Tooman

Sometimes, using Rial and Tooman is going to be confusing for travelers. Rial is the official currency in Iran and Tooman is just a name which is used between people. The difference between Rial and Tooman is a Zero; for example 150,000 IRR equals 15,000 Tooman. While in Bazaar people ask you for 15,ooo; it means 150,000 IRR. Some people or in some markets omit three zero and give you the number for example 20 or 30 which means 20,000 Tooman.

Public Transportation

Bus: It is possible to save a large amount of money by using public transportation as intercity transportation. Daily bus is available hourly between main cities and also daily departure is available by train. Ticket fees are around 10 to 20 USD per person. There are two available bus types in Iran, VIP and normal.

Flight: The other possible way is flight. According to your budget and plan, it is recommended to take a flight for long distances such as Tehran – Shiraz. It is one of the most crowded line and several flights are available during day. Between most destinations in Iran flights are available. Domestic flights in Iran are low compared to other countries.

Here are Iran domestic airlines:

  • ATA
  • Atrak
  • Caspian Airlines
  • Iran Air
  • Iran Airtours
  • Iran Aseman
  • Kish Air
  • Meraj Airlines
  • Mahan Air
  • Qeshm Air
  • Taban Air

Before booking your flight, pay attention to airline and aircraft type. It is highly recommended to book your flight or train tickets in advance.

Metro is available in Shiraz and Tehran. Recently, Snapp and Tap30 (Tapsi) online taxi applications provide really good fair and always available from your location.