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It is true that large parts of Iran is located in arid regions, but in the north and south of Iran there are beautiful and dreamy beaches. The beautiful land of Iran, known as the Four Seasons, has a variety of natural attractions that you can see from the lush forests of northern Iran to the desert of southern Iran and the pleasant mountains of western Iran and eastern of Iran, and one can experience all the four season together.

Chabahar Beach

Chabahar is one of the southern cities of Sistan and Baluchistan province and the only Iranian oceanic port located on the Oman Sea and Indian Ocean. In the southern part of the Chabahar, there are large rocks with the advent of seawater and erosion of sedimentary rocks that have created a beautiful landscape. Sunset and sunrise on this beach is one of the most spectacular views that you may have in your life. Do not miss these beautiful beaches.

Qeshm Turtle Beach

Qeshm sand beach is one of the beautiful beaches in all season, but spring is recommended. On April and May many turtles come to the beach to spawn. It is cool to know that most of the turtles that pip in this beach will return after several years for their own spawn.

Hormuz Red Beach

This beautiful and amazing beach located in Hormuz Island and is widely known as Red Beach. On the shores of Hormuz Island, the waves of sea are in red color and you will be surprised by this view. Perhaps you’ve heard that the red soil of beach can be eaten. If you’ve heard this, let’s say it’s true and the red soil in this area is edible, so you can taste it. You can also taste it in local cuisine.

Caspian Sea Shores

Gilan and Mazandaran are two coastal provinces near the Caspian Sea. There are beautiful plateau due to the presence of massive forests and extensive cultivation of rice. Several main roads are connecting to the Caspian coast, all of which pass through the beautiful scenery, the mountains or near the rivers. Chaloos is one of the beautiful roads toward the Caspian Shore. Astara Shell beach, Chapakrood in Mazandaran and Anzali are some of the beautiful beaches near the Caspian shore.