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Amir Chakhmaq is a square name in the historical district of Yazd city, which contains a number of different buildings, including the Bazaar, a community place that is called Tekiyeh, Mosque, two Abanbar and a monument. Amir Chakhmaq Complex is one of the most prominent historical and tourism collections in Yazd.

Amir Chakhmaq Square that is called Mir Chamaq square has been one of the main streets for gathering and celebrating during various ceremonies in Yazd history.


Amir Chakhmaq Mosque

The Amir Chakhmaq Mosque, also known as the New Mosque, is the oldest building of this complex. This tourism attraction is one of the Yazd Must see in terms of beauty, breadth, significant reputation and credibility among other Iran mosques.



Like all Iran cities, Yazd has a Bazaar that forms the economic base of the city. This Bazaar was divided into two markets during Pahlavi era by the construction of the Shah’s street.  Some of This Bazaar main spaces, such as the artistic market (making Persian traditional windows), the Muhammad Ali Khan market and the Panjali market were eventually eliminated.

Today, the northern part of the market has a very strong economic prosperity. You can visit different shops such as traditional tiling, hand woven carpet, confectionery and weaving Yazdi fabric through this tourism attraction.  The oldest part of the Yazd Bazaar is the Haji Qanbar Market, a memorial from the 9th century as part of Amir Chakhmaq Complex.


Tekiyeh (Community center)

The place with many booths and balconies is called Tekiyeh. People have gathered here in regard to celebrating during different ceremonies such as mourning and pilgrimage ceremonies. There are significant places for the King and women who were interested in visiting the rituals. Nakhl Bardari (literally means moving a palm tree)which is one of the main rituals between Yazdi people and Iranian culture is held in this Tekiyeh as well.


Historical Palm of Amir Chakhmaq Complex

A 450 years old construction which is called Palm but it is not actually a tree. This palm is a wooden construction that is a symbol of coffin and is using for Muharram mourning ritual.

Abanbar (water storage)


Another part of Amir Chakhmaq collection is Abanbar or water storage, which numbered to three but currently one of them is destroyed. So, there are two of them which have been remained as a monument. These water storage facilities have been used by the general public for about 40 years ago and have been forgotten by the arrival of the piping network.


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