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Iran is mostly known as a historical & cultural travel destination. It is interesting to know that there are several natural and adventurous places to spend enjoyable time. Iran, besides its rich culture, has wide variety of natural environments. Here is a list of some destinations that seldom travelers know exists.

 Alamut Trekking Package

Alamut castle is located in Qazvin Province. En-route toward Alamut, you are able to visit Ovan Lake and spend an overnight there as well. It is possible to have whole three days or a day trip trekking from Qazvin proceed toward Garmaroud, Maran, Andaj and finally Tonekabon. Around every corner, there are picturesque landscapes through your trip. You will stop for Assassin Castel, waterfall, local houses for lunch and beautiful valleys. Best time of camping and trekking is late spring, summer and early autumn.

 Filband Jungle

Filband is located in Mazandaran province. Best way to reach Filband Jungle is Haraz and Sangchal. A weird and dreamy village over the clouds. This village is located above the clouds, so that most of the days the clouds calm the eyes as if you are in the heaven. Seven months of a year, Filband is cold and snowy. The best time to visit this place is in summer.

 Iran Rafting Tours

This adventure allows you to experience a combination of Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari attractions and sightseeing. The road trip toward Armand River is eye-catching intrinsically. Make your Iran Tour Package more memorable by adding some fun trip to the south western and west.


Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut are two large desert areas lying at middle and east of Iranian Plateau. Where you can experience the silence of the desert, walking on desert dunes and watching the sky as if it has been pinned to the ground. Here is a list of suitable places for desert tour in Iran:

Maranjab, Kashan

There are different Salt lakes around Iran’s desert Areas; the most beautiful one is located in Maranjab near Aran va Bidgol. Enjoy walking on sandy the hills and going on a Safari. Day trip is suggested but due to low quality accommodations overnight stay is not recommended.

Khur Village

Garmeh and Mesr are two popular areas in Isfahan province near Khur village. One of the greatest wonders of the desert is that one can cling to himself for hours and observe a vast view of the sand dunes in front of his eyes. Mesr is the eastern desert that is decorated with honeycomb shape.
In Garmeh you are able to visit hot springs, enjoy and visit Nakhlestan (Palm Garden). Moreover you can Gather around fire at night and observe the clear sky. There are good hotels and local resorts in Khur village to spend a memorable night in deser.
But if you are interested in visiting Sand Dunes, Mesr is a better choice than Garmeh.

Fahraj Village

Fahraj is located in Yazd province, and the antiquity of Fahraj village is around five thousand year. Dashti Fahraj Village has traditional and historical monuments and displays many features of a desert village. This desert is one of the best places for camping in desert after a whole day of Safari and camel riding from Fahraj village to heart of the desert.

Shahdad, Kalouts, The secret land of Kerman

In Shahdad Desert, there are 100 hectares of salt in the form of an egg boom that is not anywhere in the world. There is no one living in this area and everything is silent and peaceful. Walking through the heart of this city, Kalukhi, in spite of natural pristine beauty, picks up a beautiful horror in the sight of every passerby.
Gandom Beriyan which is the hottest place in the world is located in Shahdad desert in Kerman. There are different camping and local resorts near Shahdad to spend your night in desert.