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Golf is the most popular game in the world. The first golf course in the city of Masjed Sulayman was founded by the British for its personnel. And after the departure of the British from Iran, the first grassland of Iran was built in Samen City of Mashhad.
The golf game requires both the mental and physical fitness of the player, and at the same time causing diversification and enthusiasm, it can make a person feel discouraged, or vice versa, an excessive habit.
Enghelab Sport Complex in Tehran provides a 44 Hectare Golf Field for both professionals and amateurs.

Golf is one kind of sport in Iran but this is not popular, because is expensive.

We have a good field in Tehran with 62 hectare of land in special place.

There are so many sports like: Golf, Bowling, Summing, Tennis and….
Golf daily tour:
Start 9 until 18, transfer to Enghlab sport complex, play golf or other sports,
Tour service include:

  • English Guide
  • All Transfers
  • Golf equipment
  • Lunch
  • Entrance fee
Price: 270 EUR (per person)