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Iran Visa

For foreigners, Iran issues 13 visas (visas) which I will introduce below.
All foreign tourists and foreigners must enter the country to enter Iran. Which is called a visa (visa). A visa means a signature or phrase that authorizes and validates the writing. Visa is issued to travel to Iran for a limited period.
The visa policy in Iran is a policy that most citizens in foreign countries require to enter and stay in Iran, which may take several months for US passport holders. And even some Americans with a valid visa are having difficulty entering Iran, and they have not agreed to their request. Israeli citizens generally have no right to travel to Iran.
Separate from seven countries: Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Egypt, and Georgia, can be visa-free and only with the exception of the issuance of an airport visa, which the Iranian government has provided for facilitating the travel of nationals and foreign tourists to the country. A valid passport will receive a stamp for entry to Iran and travel to our country for a specified period of time, according to the Iranian government, in accordance with the diplomatic agreements and sovereignty laws.
Foreigners from many countries, such as the United States, can stay in Kish Island for a 14-day trip or less without obtaining any visa.

Visa types of Iran

For foreigners, Iran issues 13 visas (visas) which I will introduce below.

  • visa (A entry): For athletes, scientific groups and travelers who intend to enter Iran multiple times (2 or more).
  • Visa (Travel B): foreign tourists who intend to visit Iran’s tourist attractions.
  • visa (C Pilgrimage): For pilgrims and those who intend to travel to religious places in Iran.
  • (D Political) Visa: issued to diplomats, political officers and government officials.
  • (E Educational): For students, students and religious scholars.
  • (F right): For experts and those seeking employment, they are going to enter Iran.
  • Visa (G Transit and Pass): For public transport drivers, train staff, flight attendants, crew members, or other travelers who do not intend to stop in the country and only want to leave Iran and reach another country. , Be issued.
  • Visa (H Press): For journalists, photographers and journalists who intend to cover a news event.
  • (S Normal Service Workers): For ordinary employees, political representatives of countries that are engaged in non-political missions are issued.
  • Visa (Multiple): It is issued to merchants and experts who intend to enter Iran several times during a given period.
  • (Family Reunification): join to the resident family and those foreign nationals who enter into the country to register the marriage.
  • (Exit and Return): Exit to foreign nationals residing in the country who intend to leave the country and return to Iran to visit the family and use the temporary leave (maximum three months).
  • (Exit): For residents who do not intend to return after leaving the country.
Important: This visa type is currently suspended for Indian passport holders. They need to apply for a normal visa and collect it before departure to Iran.

Visa Form

Arrival And Departure Information(if You dont have your tickets yet, Just fill out the date of your arrival and departure)
Incoming Flight to Iran From International Location

Outcoming Flight to International Destionation

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